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Florenzo Law

Firm Profile

Florenzo Law, LLC advises companies in all aspects of operational legal matters. Each of our professionals has years of experience as in-house counsel for global corporate legal departments and brings a unique business perspective to corporate legal matters.

Our skilled and experienced negotiators are capable of managing complex commercial transactions and dispute resolutions. managing complex commercial transactionsThe Corporate Transactions practice is experienced in multi-national, as well as domestic, business matters.
We have specific experience in the areas of patent and intellectual property business development and monetization, with a proven track record of creating revenue from patent portfolios.

Resources with engineering backgrounds capable of understanding complex technical matters and applying that understanding to legal issues help maximize communication with high-tech clients.

We offer our clients a flexible fee schedule involving hourly/weekly/monthly rates or fixed pricing for specific projects, and we are available to be on site as desired.

Florenzo Law
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